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Lobster Madness | Baja 500 & Baja 1000 Off Road Race | Thankgiving Dinner
California Grey Whale Watching | Canadian Winter Paradise | Forth of July Party

January February
New Years Day Party 7-14 Carnival Party in Ensenada
President's Day, USA
Sweat Lodge with
Happy Bear and One Heart
4 Baja 250 San Felipe-Ensenada
17 Patric's Day (USA )
Mr. Corona's Birthday
Benito Juarez Juarez Birthday
Earth Day
Spring Break Starts
Spring Break ends
Dia de la Raza (Mex Holiday)
Baja 500 Race Cont.

Batalla de Puebla (Mex Holiday)

Father's Day
Mother's Day (Mex Holiday)
Memorial Day, USA
First Day of Summer
Baja 500 Race Party!    
Canada Day
Ensenada Open Volleyball
Independence Day of America
Wine Festivals
Perseus Meteor Showers
September October
Labor Day, USA
Lobster Madness Begins!!!
Ensenada Seafood Int.
O'Neal - Tecate Surf Fiesta
Mexican Independence Day (Mex Holiday)
Columbus Day, USA
First Day of Autumn
Halloween Party!
TJ Ensenada Bike Race
November December
All Soul's Day (Mex Holiday)   Great Whales arrive!
Veteran's Day
Baja 1000 Race Party!
1910 Revolution Day Party (mex) 13 Erendira Founder's Day
Thanksgiving Weekend 25 Christmas Day
    31 New Years Eve Party

Baja Off Road RacesThe Baja 250, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 Off Road Races

This coming March is the 25th annual event for the Tecate Score Baja 250 San Felipe - Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico. The Score Desert Racing Series is presenting about 32 official class entries for the race the Baja 250 in March 14-16 where the course is 232.0 miles10 hours time limit. Our Bartender Lulu is going to start racing a quad ATV's class 26 for Las chicas Baja Race Team this coming Baja 250 San Felipe - Ensenada 2011!! The Tecate Score Baja 500 in June 1-3 is a bigger event where Coyote Cal's is doing a part in the contingency showing what we have for our guest at the Hostel, this thanks to the President of the Score Desert Racing Series Sal Fish and Oscar Ramos. They also have races in Jan 24-27 in Nevada the Score Laughlin Desert Challenge, Score Las Vegas Terrible's Cup in LAs Vegas Motor Speedway in July 17-19, the Score Terrible's Primm 300 in Primm, Nevada on Sept. 5-6, and of course the Tecate Score Baja 1000 in Ensenada Baja California, Mexico. Coyote Cal's is watching the race closer. Some times it cames thru here just by the road and some other times they change the trail, and when that happen we always can find a cool spot to go watch it and after the race keep going with the party in our bar! i bet you is a lot of fun. Spaces are filling fast! You can be assured of some extreme off road action! Watch the races and party with us. Don't forget to reserve your spot at our Mexican hostel for Score International.

Here our tent camping for the Baja 500 at Punta Cabras in Erendira, Baja California, Mexico. About 2 miles north from the Hostel. We had our friends from Baja Camping and a lot of guest partying with us. We were salling beers and we were having a bonfire and an awesome time.

watching baja 500

This is just a taste of the Race in the pictures below. For sure you can have an awesome time at Baja.


Here in the pictures below are Rick Barnard owner of Coyote Cal's with the Tecate Girl's, and Chris Parker showing his bike for the race. An interview with the Media Score at the contingency for the race in Ensenada.



(Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels features 2,500 feet of deck). Most definitely the best vantage point for watching this world class event. For those of you who are not familiar with the Baja California series of races, they can be compared to the Paris Dakar off road experience. Five classes of vehicles depart from Ensenada for the races, kidney jarring run down to La Paz.


Moto Cross, ATV's (Tweaked of course), VW's, the Baja Buggies (custom built for the event) and last, but certainly not least, the Pick Up trucks. Some, such as the trophy class have an awesome 1000 HP. See support choppers zip along in front of the Hostel and moments later the cars screams around the corner at 65 to 70 mph. Watch him hit the straight-away at 100 plus mph. This will get your adrenaline pumpin'so hard that you might need another shot of Tequila just to maintain control. When the last car has gone by well crank up the volume and party, party, party! Don't forget your camera!!! 

flyer off-road

For more information check out the Score International:


Fourth of July party

This party is the longest tradition at our Mexican hostels, It's the Coyote's Birthday!.  At Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels we think of any reason to have a good time and so we celebrate both the American and Mexican Holidays!  Be prepared to help us light off huge skyrockets and the "Big Mother" bombs we get in Ensenada.  Everyone runs for cover when the fuse is lit on this one.  The weather is always good and the celebration of the warmth of Mexico's summer is going strong.  Margaritas will flow, the ground will shake and the night fires will blaze! 




Come join us and enjoy real "Old Baja Adventure!


Halloween Party 2008 halloween staff
Some call it Halloween but here in Mexico we call it the Day of the Dead. Named, we think, after how the tequila hangovers feel  the next day. We're dieing to have you come down! Book your visit now!







Thanksgiving Weekend (Nov 25-27th).

Come join us in celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional meal at Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels. We will have all the fixin's like Turkey, Spuds and Gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! The cost is only $12.00/each and you can reserve a place at the table by adding a comment in your booking or email us!

Rancho Agua Caliente Hot Springs Road Trip (Nov 29th).
This year we are starting a Thanksgiving tradition of our own by taking a day trip the the famous hot springs at "Rancho Auga Caliente". This resort is located in a untouched oak fill canyon east of the Ensenada Hostels and is my personal favorite hot spring area! The cost will be $40.00 each and will include resort fees, transportation to and from our Mexican hostel and a meal. We'll even stop at a few watering holes in Ensenada on the way back. This is a real treat you will not want to miss! Only seven people will be able to go so you can reserve your place by adding a comment in your booking or e-mail us. Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is Old Baja California Adventure!




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Lobster Madness
From October 1st to March 31, lobster season opens in Baja California . Many local Mexican divers and friends of Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels arrive with freshly caught live lobster to sell to our guests at bargain prices. (Bartering is an accepted practice). We'll help you cook em up or barbecue them on the kitchen deck gas grill. How's that for Mexican Hostel cuisine? Doesn't get much better or fresher than that.

Hell we'll even help you name him before you eat him! This is of course in addition to fresh fish, crab claws from Castro's Fish Camp, and unlimited fresh mussels which are always available. If you love sea food, partying, good music, good friends and good times, then Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is the place to be. The Baja California extreme, extreme fun, extreme eats! Yee ha!

lobster dinner


Erendira Founder's Day December 13

fundadoresFor 73 years now, Erendira is been doing a celebration to remember the founders of town. The party is always the 13 of December starting with a parade from the beginning of the town to the middle school or to the hall, then they have a civic ceremony to bring tribute to the founders and after this they have a big meal and a rodeo party during the afternoon and at night time the party keep going on with the traditional mexican bands playing loud music for whoever whants to dance or have fun.


Coyote Cal's always participate in this event for Erendira. We been having a Miss Coyote Cal's every year. One of the ladys won for a Queen in the 2008! But even if we don't win the contest we do have a beautiful girl in representation of Coyote Cal's. Candidates for the 73 Anniversary of Erendira



In this event sometimes show up the president of Ensenada, the president of the Fising Aparment of Ensenada and many others to be part of the most important party for Erendira.

presidente municipal

President of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Mr. Enrique Pelayo Torres and with the red shirt Prf. Alfonzo Garzon Zatarain president of Erendira and Diputado of the IV District.



Whale Watching
See Grey Whales at Coyote Cal's
December starts the California Grey Whale migration season at Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels. Many people have watched in awe as the California Grey Whales blast water from their enormous lungs, up to twenty feet in the air and then breach the water. Bring your camera, binoculars are here for some close-ups, and join us for this fabulous show!

The Pacific coast is the migration route of the California Gray whale, along with various other species. This is longest migration of any mammal on the face of this planet, some 7,500 miles. From Alaska, down the Pacific coast, along the Baja California coast to lagoons at San Ignacio, Magdalena and Scammons Bay. Their average speed on this journey is 4 MPH. The California Grey whales mate and prepare for the long journey home, only to return the following year (Gestation period 12 months), to have their young.

If you have never witnessed this I can assure you that it is in one word Awesome! The voyage south takes 4 months and they can be observed and enjoyed between December and January. The return journey and viewing from our location is between February through March. Some have been known to spend an entire week just swimming around the lagoon in front of Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels. I guess they like it here as much as we do!


Chritsmas Day

Christmas is a day of peace and celebration in harmony with the family and good friends. In CoyoteCal's we do celebrate xmas day in happiness with our family staff and guest. The hostel is going on with the music you like, the bar open with cold beers and more than 50 kinds of tequila, mixed drinks and bonfire! a perfect dinner, the chimney on if is cold, partying and fun around nice people and good vibes.





Canadian Winter Paradise
For all of our Canadian friends who would love to escape that wonderful Canadian winter (why do you think I'm here), I can assure you, you'll never get a better bargain for your dollar (is it still called a dollar?) Head on down to beautiful, sunny Baja California and get pampered. Groceries for a week, how does 25 bucks sound? Not bad eh? Weekly reservations are available. And of course our low daily rates are always in effect.

Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostel is Old Baja Adventure at its best! Come on and join us.




When:Presidents Day Feb. 19th and 21st
Cost: $25.00 per person


by Coyote Cal's on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 5:32pm

Temazcal is best described as an indigenous Indian steam bath. It's name comes from Nahualt, the lenguage of Aztecs: "temaz" meaning bath, and "calli" which means house. It is based on traditional healing methods used by the ancient people of Mexicoin which the properties of fire and water are combined to purify the mind, body and soul.

Come and join us for a Temazcal next February 19 and the 21 at Coyote Cal's Hostel

Sabias que:

El Temazcal es un bano prehistorico que se generalizo entre las culturas de meso America y cuyos vestigios mas antiguos se hallan en las zonas arqueologicas de Palenque en Mexico y Svacovik en Alaska.  El Temazcal es considerado en uno de sus aspectos mas simples como un bano de limpieza, nos devuelve el caracter sacro y espiritu sabroso de una actividad cotidiana. Sus caracteristicas son singulares y excepcionales, su estudio no puede mas que favorecer y enriquecer el conocimiento profundo de la sabiduria popular que es fundamental para nuestra historia y nuestra particular apreciacion de las cosas.

Su uso a traves de la historia es tanto terapeutico como ritual y ceremonial. Su nombre de raiz nahualt significa casa de vapor ( Temaz= vapor, Calli= casa ). Tecnicamente, el temazcal es una estructura cerrada de pequenas dimensiones en la cual se introducen piedras porosas previamente calentadas al rojo vivo y se vierte agua sobre las piedras o una infusion de plantas medicinales.  EL conductor de la ceremonia va aplicando una serie de indole terapeutica: hidroterapia, ejercicios de meditacion, cantos, aromaterapia y catarsis que sirven para orientar las emociones y dinamicas del grupo.

La parte ritual del baño del Temazcal esta muy relacionada con los cuatro elementos naturales. El elemento agua se concentra en los tés, el fuego en la temperatura de las piedras, la tierra ademas de ser el elemento con que se construye el Temazcal, representa el utero y por consiguiente, el retorno a la madre tierra, y el viento es el vapor que surge de las piedras calientes.  Para que el ser humano este en completo quielibrio debe mantener en balance todos sus elementos naturales.


Come and gift Yourself this Special Adventure!

happy bear

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