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What Kind of Mexico Fishing Equipment
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Baja Fishing, Rod and Real & Line: Summer Baja fishing conditions are from May to mid September. Best pole is a 25 pound stick, (7) foot rod (Seekerİ or Calstartİ), line rated class 20# to 40#. Best all around real is a Penn Jig Masterİ. Best line is 20 to 25 pound test.  

Tackle: Surface irons, (Taddyİ "45" or "C" or a Kickerİ "25"),Best colors are (Blue/White), (Scramble Egg: Brown/Yellow/White), and (Blue or Green Mackerel color.). Rapallasİ CD-14 and Crocodileİ 2oz silver w/chrome flash tape work good too. Make sure you have plenty of Rod Cod Rigs with weights from 10oz to 2 pounds depending on the current. Most of the time Castro's will supply squid but you should bring some along just in case! Fish Trapsİ, 5" swim bate, are also effective with the natural colors of Sardine, Anchovy or Calico Bass.

Shore Fishing: Best pole is a long surf pole to reach in-between the Kelp, 25# to 30# test line. An open face real with a flip bale is recommended.  #2 Eagle Claw hook with 8" leader and spark plugs for weights are best.  Use live Mussel found on rocks for bate. Good Luck and Good Fishing!


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