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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels by bus?

Take the San Diego trolley, blue line, to the border stop. The TJ border crossing is straight ahead, but you'll go slightly left to get to it, walk toward the blue building. Check one more time to be sure you have your documentation to get back into the USA. Just past the blue building, you'll see a sign pointing toward the border. Follow the sign and walk up the ramp. After you pass under the sign that says "Mexico," it's super easy. Just keep walking. It's nearly impossible to get lost. You'll go through the building.  In this very large and open area you will have an opportunity to easily purchase a tourist visa.


You will have to go to the immigration window, “INM”, located between the East Mexican border building and the covered area to the left, and then pay your fee at the bank window, open 24 hours, then return to pick up your six month tourist visa. About $25 usd.

You will then walk under a covered walkway. Before you exit, you will walk toward the left to an immigration officer.  There your luggage may pass through an x-ray machine and have your baggage checked. Eventually, you will exit onto the street. Just keep walking along the international walkway.  Take your first left at José Maria Larroque St., one block, until the street dead ends at Av. De la Amistad, take a right.  Walk another block until that street dead ends at Frontera.  Take a right and the bus station, ABC bus line, is right there.   NOTE: You do not need a Taxi.  If you want to take a taxi to see TJ first, use the blue and white cabs, not the red ones.  The fare is regulated.  Do not go to the central bus station located in Otay!


At the bus station:  You will have to first purchase a ticket to Ensenada, Cost about $15.50, and then transfer to a bus to Erendira, less than $10usd. Departs every 1 and 1/2 hours. Depart before 2:00pm to arrive at the hostel in daylight. Bus drops you off at Hwy 1 KM 78 turn off. The next 12 miles are an easy hitch. (If you do not want to hitch you can take the bus to San Vicente. Across the street to the left of the Pemex Gas station is a hotel called Mimi Hotel. There they have a taxi service to the Hostel 24hours a day for $500 pesos mn. The taxi phone number is 646-165-6747. They only speak spanish. The owners name is Sr. Magdaleno.) There is only one road into town and it goes right by the hostel. Total travel time from San Diego is (5) hours.


By Taxi: (Good for four or more travelers)

Take the bus to Ensenada. Van taxis can be hired anywhere in Ensenada for a flat fee of about $85.00, agree on the price before you go! The taxi can take you to a store, "Calimax", and drop you at the front door of Coyote's Cals Mexico Hostels.  (9) fit in the taxi.

Make sure you tell him he must take you on three miles of dirt road to the hostel for the same price. (Top of FAQ) (Home Page)

Quote from recent visitors -- "Coyote Cal's was easy to get to. We took the bus from TJ. The bus dropped us off at the turn off and within 5 minutes we had a ride to the door. The locals are very friendly." -Sarah & Renee

How do I get to Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels by car?

Getting Though the San Diego/TJ Border:  You can take ether interstate 5 or the 805 to approach the Tijuana Mexican border crossing.  As you approach the border, be careful of the United States crossing.  There are several divided lanes used by Homeland security, and at the beginning of each lane is a cement end cap.

Many people hit these cement end caps and damage their cars or injure themselves, go slowly!


The new TJ crossing has moved about 100 yards to the west.  As you make your turn to the inspection booths stay to the left, then make a sharp left when you clear the corridor.   You will choose the “Nada Que Declara”  if you have nothing to declare.  Each person is allowed duty free $400.00 of new items.  Construction items, more than three items of the same thing, or electronics, (personal computer or phone is except), are not duty free. This does not include food. You will stop at the booth.  If you get a green light you may pass without further inspection, if you get a red light you are required to park in the secondary inspection area.  Even if you get a green light, an officer may motion you into secondary, you must obey the officer.  Be truthful to the officers, they are professional, kind and reasonable.

(Drugs, guns and ammo are illegal, each person my bring three liters of alcohol without duty.)


(If you need a tourist Visa this is the place to get it! You do not need a tourist visa if you are only going to Coyote Cal’s. Instead of staying to the left you will stay to the right and choose the farthest “Nada Que Declars” line to the right.  Once you pass through the inspection gate, park off to the right and walk to the window that issues tourist visas.  The bank is just down the hall and is open 24 hours. It is fast and convenient.)


As you pass through the check station, stay to your left. When you turn the corner you will see a sign that says:  “Paseo de las Heros” and “Playas de Tijuana”.  This is the lane you want.  You will drive over the bridge, once over the bridge stay to your right and drive towards Costo, it will be seen on your right.  

Driving Through Tijuana to Ensenada:  You are now on “Paseo de las Heros”.  Continue to drive straight. The first traffic light will be “H.Marquez le Leon” you will pass straight through.  Move into the right lane if you are not there already.  The second traffic signal is a traffic circle with a big “V”. The cross street is called “Independenica” When you get the green light, follow the traffic circle until you get to the other side.  Stay on “Paseo de las Heros”.  You will now approach a flashing yellow pedestrian signal.  You will also see a sign: “Aeroperto/Ensenada”.  You will make a right turn between a blue bank called “BBVA Bancomer and a red bank called “Banorte”.  You are now on Hwy 1 libre.


Pass through the next traffic light “Sanchez Taboada Blvd, as you approach the next traffic light, the road will split. Stay to your left and pass straight through the light. You will notice the road is now one way south.  Two way traffic begins quickly as you begin to drive up hill.

Once you reach the first overpass the road will become three lanes and divided and begin down hill. Stay to the left but watch carefully for closed lanes, pot holes and other road hazards. Stay on this road several miles, you will see many Ensenada signs, stay on Hwy 1 until you reach the Rosarito Beach city limits.


Driving Through North and South Rosarito:  Drive through the city streets of north Rosarito. In (2.5) miles from the city limit, you will come to the overpass that crosses the “cuota” toll road to Ensenada.  Stay to your right and enter the “cuota” toll road on the far rightside of the overpass.  You will swing around to the right under the bridge. You are now south bound on the toll road to Ensenada. This road is called Hwy 1/D.  Drive (3.4) miles and turn into the “Pemex” gas station.  (This is a good place to get gas, about 3.90 a gal. They also have clean bathrooms and good coffee and donuts. Gas is cheaper here than Ensenada.)


Drive to the north/west side of the gas station, cross the intersection and turn left.  (Do not go back to the toll road unless you want to pay an extra toll of $34pesos, however, the toll road is much safer at night). You are now on Hwy 1 libre and driving the streets of South Rosarito Beach headed to Ensenada. The road is three lanes but it is wise to not drive the right lane because it is common for drivers to cut you off as they pull out of their parking spaces.  Stay on this road for (11.2) miles.  You will pass by “Fox Studios”, “Puerto Nuevo”, a good place to have a lobster dinner/lunch, then come to a community with about a hundred palm trees  called, “Cantamar”.  At the stop sign turn left and enter to toll road, Hwy 1/D. There will be a New Pemex to your right.  Drive the toll road to the last toll booth near Ensenada.


Driving Through El Sauzal:  When you get back on the hwy 1 free road just pass the toll gates,  you will not be in Ensenada yet.  Continue on Hwy 1 through the community of El Sauzal.  (2.5) miles from the toll booth and on the left side of the road, is a great place to eat beef tacos, “Tequeria El Trailero”. Drive (2.7) miles more and you will see UABC University on the hill to your left. Veer right and follow the sign that says: “Zona Turistrica/San Quintine”.  Follow the coast (2.2) miles and you will come to the first traffic light of Ensenada.  The port will be on your right and “Anthony’s Tropical Disco Bar” and a “Pemex” will be on the left.  The tourist office, with its’ lighthouse attachment, is across the street from Anthony’s and directly to your right.   Right after the tourist office is a great place to eat fish tacos and the fish market , named “Negro Marcado”,! It is worth taking a look, park behind the tourist office.


Driving Through Ensenada and on to the Coyote Cal’s turnoff:  You are now on 1st street.  You will see a sign that says:

“San Quintin / Malecon”, drive down 1st , (1.2) miles , turn left at the traffic signal, the cross street is “Gral. Agustin Sangines” .

There will be a “Pemex on the left and a Casino cattycorner of the intersection.  Drive (.5) miles to the second traffic light and turn right at the “Office Depot/Soriana” stores.  You are now back on Hwy 1 libre. This road will take you all the way to the Coyote Cal’s turnoff.  There will be some road construction in the Santo Tomas area, take it easy on the detours. Drive south on Hwy 1 for (43.0) miles for the Coyote Cal’s turnoff. It will be right after the 78 kilometer maker located on the side of the hwy. Here are some points of interest along this 43 mile stretch.


(1.7) miles  Wal-Mart (Right side of street)

(4.6) miles  Estero Beach (Turn right at the light)

(7.4) miles  Pemex/711 (Last chance for gas and a good cup of coffee)

(8.1) miles  La Buffadora (Turnoff is to the right)

(9.3) miles  Pan Sima (One of the best bakeries in Baja, the bread rolls are the best!)

(14.6) miles  Las Canadas camping grounds (The end of the city.)

(20.2) miles  Acambaro Market

(26.2) miles  Santo Tomas ( Really the last chance for gas, but they rip you off if you pay in dollars.)


Driving the turn off road to Erendira and Coyote Cal’s:  The road to Coyote Cal’s is 20 kilometers of very good paved road and three kilometers of graded dirt road.  You will have to take care, (10.0) miles or just after the 16 kilometer marker, at the first speed bump.  It was made incorrectly and you must stop or drive around it to avoid damaging your car.  (The town has eight speed bumps and all require you to take it easy over them.  There are three as you enter Erendira, two at the food processing plant, just outside of the main strip, and three at the school.) At (10.5) miles is the first stop sign and the old police station. You will get as much as a $100 ticket if you don’t stop!  At (10.7) miles is “Juanita Mercado” the best grocery store in town.  The hostel has full kitchen facilities so buy your grub here! The pavement ends at (11.7) miles or the 20 kilometer marker.  The next 100 yards there is a very dangerous cliff.  Stay to the right and be aware of the edge.  At (12.5) miles is Castro’s Camp and the Fish Market located at the top of the boat ramp.  Fish is fresh and cheap. You can now see the hostel in the distance, a white building with large palms.  Continue and stay to your right until the last telephone pole.  You made it!  (Top of FAQ)  (Home Page)


What are the road conditions like?

In the last five years Northern Baja has invested heavily in road improvement.  Both the free road and the toll roads are in top condition and now have a large shoulder on both sides of the road.  From TJ to Ensenada all roads have two or more lanes.

Many left hand turn-out have been added to help stop back-ups along the Hwy 1 free road.  (Some still exist between Rosarito and TJ.)  It has become common for locals to use the shoulder to pull over and allow others to pass.  This has caused a new danger because some pass without waiting for the car ahead of them to move over.  This causes the passing car to be in the opposite lane while passing.  The passing car assumes you will move over to the shoulder, but if you are not paying attention, a head-on crash could happen.  Stay alert for this!


The road on the very south end of Ensenada currently has very large pot holes, for about one mile. Slow down here and stay to the right.

Road construction is still going on in the mountains just south of Santo Tomas.  There may be places of dirt road detours.  They are well graded and maintained.


Erendira has seven speed bumps, all worthy of stopping before you cross them.  The worst is the first.  Just after K16 on the road in.  If you car is very low to the ground, drive around it.  All cars should look for this speed bump and stop before it!

The last three miles to the hostel is dirt road.  The rains and the Score races have made this part of the trip rough.

There are many places were the road has washed out and left only one lane.  Be alert and drive slow.  When you can, drive on the road, opposite of the ocean.

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Where are the nearest Airports?

The cheapest and most direct route to Baja California is to fly to (Los Angeles) or (San Francisco), shuttle to San Diego, then take the trolley to the border. This is especially true for travelers from Australia, New Zealand, UK or Europe. Baja California also has a large international airport in Tijuana, but is extremely expensive to fly there from LAX or San Diego! The three main air carriers are "Aeromexico", "Mexicana" and "Viva Aerobus". From San Diego you will have to bus to the Trolley and then you can use our normal directions. If you fly into Tijuana you will have to take a taxi to the buses in Otay, do not go to the bus stations near the TJ border. The only international airports in Northern Baja California are along the border in the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali. Top


What do I need to bring?

Clothing that is worn in Baja California is Casual.

Men wear jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, sandals, T-shirts.

Women can dress similarly but may prefer conservative clothing in town or if traveling alone. Sweaters and lightweight jackets are often necessary in winter and occasionally needed in summer.

It's a good idea to bring personal items such as: shampoo, towel, shaving cream, razors, soap, dental floss, toothpaste, contact lens solution, tampons, contraceptives and deodorant. Other desirable items include sunglasses, a flashlight, a baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat, disposable lighter, sunscreen, lip balm, money belt, (make friends fast with this one!) and a small Spanish-English dictionary.

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What is the weather like?

Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is located on the Pacific Coast about 78 kilometers south of Ensenada. It is best to use Ensenada weather as a measure on what the weather is like in Erendira. You can get current weather forecasts and satellite pictures on page also listed below. You have a 10% chance of a rain during the Months of December, January, February and March. All the other months are pretty much dry. But don't let that discourage you, because it is common for dry hot desert winds called Santa Anna to give hot summer days during this time. Temperature averages in ºC are:


weather at coyote cals

Do I need a Mexican Visa to travel to Coyote Cals Mexico Hostels?

NO. The first road side check point that requires you to have a FM-T travel visa is at Baja Norte State line. To learn how to get a Travel visa, see, How do I get a FM-T Tourist Visa?


How do I get an FM-T Tourist Visa?

(If you need a tourist Visa, the TJ border crossing is the place to get it! You do not need a tourist visa if you are only going to Coyote Cal’s by car.)

If you walk across the border: You will have to go to the immigration window, “INM”, located between the East Mexican border building and the covered area to the left, then pay your fee at the bank window, then return to the INM office to pick up your six month tourist visa. About $25 usd.

If you cross the border by car: When you approach the Mexican border line. Instead of staying to the left you will stay to the right and choose the farthest “Nada Que Declars” line to the right.  Once you pass through the inspection gate, park off to the right and walk into the left building.  You will have to go to the immigration window, “INM”, located between the Mexican border building and the covered area to the left, then pay your fee at the bank window, then return to the INM office to pick up your six month tourist visa. About $25 usd. It is fast and convenient.)


Do I need Mexican Auto Insurance?

Liability insurance, purchased from a Mexican company, is essential for driving in Mexico. Mexican law does not recognize policies from companies based in other countries. While insurance is not obligatory, it can prevent serious legal problems for anyone involved in an accident. According to Mexican law, the principals in an accident are guilty until proven innocent. Regardless of details, foreigners are more likely to be considered guilty than locals! Because of this, it is understandable why it is common for the victims of non-lethal accidents to leave the scene before the police arrive. Mexican insurance is best purchased on the USA side of the border on San Ysidro Blvd. They all cost the same amount and you can save money by purchasing insurance for only the days you plan to travel. That is, the day to travel to Coyote Cals and the day you plan to come back. Days can be changed without additional cost by a phone call, or by going to the insurance companies web site, if you change your plans. Any valid driver’s license is okay to use. You must have a valid Mexican FM-T visa for you insurance to be valid. We suggest you use

Clic here o get Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Services



Baja Bound Insurrance

What about using Cash, ATMs & Travelers checks?

Using USA currency or Mexican Pesos are acceptable anywhere in Mexico including Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels. It is best to use dollars to pay for your stay and we do currently accept credit cards! "Visa and MasterCard". The nearest ATM is at the OXXO in San Vicente.  Most 7/11s and 0XX0s have ATMs. We also nick you a bit for converting into pesos, about 1%, which is just the opposite situation everywhere else in Baja California. For a listing of ATM locations in Baja California and the current Peso/Dollar exchange rate link to:

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Where do I get gas?

The number of gas stations, between TJ and Erendira have grown greatly!  It is now no trouble to find a new, clean gas stations just about anywhere in or near the cities.  Gas is cheaper in TJ and Rosarito so if you want to gas up, your last chance for cheaper gas is the Pemex in south Roserito Beach just off the toll road.  If you going further south and want to fill up in Ensenada, any of the three Pemex stations in south Manadero are great.  The two gas stations closest to Coyote Cals are in Santo Tomas, 25 miles from the hostel, and San Vincente, 20 miles from the hostel.  The gas station in Santo Tomas will rip you off if you pay in dollars, so use pesos there! If you are off-road riding, and what to know where to get gas on the trails, go to the Motorsport page and read the trail maps.  They have suggestions on gas fill-ups. There is gas for motorcycles at Coyote Cals.

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What are some of the points of interest on the way down?

As you drive through TJ, Rosarito, Ensenada and down to Coyote Cals, there are a few points of interest or hang-outs the locals use you should know about.  Here they are below:



Revolution Blvd has all the tourist stuff, bars and restaurants.  It’s worth checking out if you have the time.  You can even get you photo with a Zebra painted donkey. Turn west off of “Paseo de las Heros” about five blocks.

Rosarito Beach

The Pemex in south Rosarito beach is the last chance for cheaper gas and a good place for a pit-stop, cup of coffee and a donut.  Many curio shops to shop at if you still need that surfing monkey! La Palapa is a fish restaurant that is about 2 kilometers south of the Pemex on the right hand side.  Out of this world food, reasonable, with ocean view. The first right after Fox studios has many family run fish restaurants.


El Sauzal

In the community of El Sauzal.  (2.5) miles from the toll booth, coming into Ensenada, and on the left side of the road, is a great place to eat beef tacos, “Tequeria El Trailero”

Between the Office Depot on Hwy 1, in Ensenada and the Erendira Turn-off at K-78:

(1.7) miles  Wal-Mart (Right side of street)

(4.6) miles  Estero Beach (Turn right at the light)

(7.4) miles  Pemex/711 (Last chance for gas and a good cup of coffee)

(8.1) miles  La Buffadora (Turnoff is to the right)

(9.3) miles  Pan Sima (One of the best bakeries in Baja, the bread rolls are the best!)

(20.2) miles  Acambaro Market

(26.2) miles  Santo Tomas ( Really the last chance for gas, but they rip you off if you pay in dollars.)

In the city of Ensenada:

The best fish tacos as you enter from the port are on the left, across from Anthonys. The, “Nego Marcado”,  fish market is there too if you need to buy fresh sea food. The tourist office is there too. Night clubs in the same area are Husson’s, Papas and Beer, Mango Mango and on the darker side Hot Fox.


Markets to buy food are “Erendira Abarrotes” and “Juanita Mercado”.  Shop both for the best food. The two fish markets are “Pescaderia El Prieto Y Tonares” at the top of the cement hill and to the right, and the fish Co-op at the top of the boat ramp near Castro’s. The best restaurant is “Gloria’s”. Second left, up the cement hill, on the right.

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Is it safe to travel Mexico? (1st quarter 2017)

Answer: Yes, (Erendira is a good safe option!)


Whats going on?

One of the biggest questions on Northern Baja traveler's minds is safety. Over the last eight years there has been many bad reports in the News, however, in the last three years, things have calmed down and returned to normal. Big changes have been made in reforming the police departments and eliminating corruption and bribes in TJ, however, the fight against corruption in Esenada has not done so well under the present police administration. But the police are professional and go out of their way to make tourists welcome. The city of Tecate has the worst police force in all of Baja.  They target tourists for traffic violations, some real, most not, as you drive to the border crossing.  Do not give them a reason to stop you. Obey the law and drive carefully.


The war on drugs is over. The power of the Cartels have regained much of their influence over the last four years since the return to power of the PRI.  This has caused an increase in theft. We suggest a high level of security for your belongings while traveling. Motorcycles, Razors and trucks are targets everywhere in Northern Baja.  LOCK THEM UP!


Hostels in the San Diego area, Lucky D's, HI San Diego and Banana Bungalow take people to T.J. night clubs every week for the last few years with not one bad event. Mexico has been returned to the Mexicans and now is the time to visit Baja and feel the way it was thirty years ago before the big US invasion. It will not last long. Soon the US will learn that Baja is safe once again to travel and this special time to meet real Mexico will be gone forever. Hotels are cheap with the favorable dollar/peso exchange, the food is great and the people are friendly and glad to meet all visitors. If you have been thinking on going back to Mexico on a holiday, now is the time!


In the beach community of Erendira there has never been any violent activity against tourists. The town of 2,500 once had a professional and honest police force but now has a corrupt police force that does little to help the town it serves.  There is still a very high problem with theft around the area of the river month (Km 181) and Punta Carbras, (Long Beach).  Camping and staying at Coyote Cals gives you the freedom to leave your stuff here and enjoy the area without worrying about your stuff.


In addition, the Northern Baja State Police, still honest and hard working for the people, and the Green Angels have increased patrols between TJ and Esenada and areas near the boarder crossing. Rosarito has a new tourist police force to help. The emergcy number in Baja is (066) but (911) can be used too. State police in the Tj. Rosearito and Ensenada area now have English speaking officers to help you.



What kind of security does Coyote Cals have?

I highly recommend holidays planned in Enendira to maximize your travel safety. Many campers are choosing to stay at Coyote Cals as a safe option to camping. Coyote Cals has a very high commitment to our guest’s safety. Video cameras in our parking and common areas, staff on site 24 hours, and availability of lockers, keyed dorm and private rooms. Telephone access to emergency services and limited hostel access to the local public is also standard. Surfers, beach visitors and fishermen are leaving all valuables at the hostel so that it reduces them as targets on the beaches. Family and friends of our guests can call the hostel at any time by calling 011-52-646-154-4080. For emergency US Consulate services call 664-622-7400 or after hours 001-619-692-2154.



What is the best time to cross the border?

(The best advice is, if you are crossing at San Ysidro border, buy a FastLane Pass at Coyote Cals!  It may save you hours crossing the border.) Good times to cross over the border into the United States are between the hours of 1:30pm to 3:00pm and 11:00pm to Midnight. Plan to be over the line before Midnight because stations begin to close at this time and the line starts backing up. Very bad times to cross are in the Morning between 1am through 10am, and Sundays and Saturdays during the Evenings.

Car travel going into Mexico has no waiting, except on Friday evenings so schedule extra time. Try not to cross into Mexico for San Diego between 3pm and 7pm. Monday through Friday.


On average it takes about one hour, to re-enter into the United States. Make sure you have all your USA documents in order because every car and person is checked! All US Citizens will need a passport or proof of passport application or birth certificate to drive back into the US. If you don’t, you will spend some time in secondary, but you will be allowed in.  Walking into the US can take up to 30 minutes or less and can be much faster than a drive across!

There has never been a better time to travel to Baja and experience all the fun and adventure this great country has to offer!

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Can I get the FastLane pass at Coyote Cals, and how does it work?

(We can now issue Mexican FastLane passes. Save Time Crossing Back into the U.S.!)

The Fast Pass Lane, officially called FastLane, is a designated lane for tourists (vacationers, business people and medical tourism) who have visited certain establishments in Baja. The Fast Pass Lane is open at the Tijuana/San Ysidro border crossing. It differs from the SENTRI Lane.

A Fast Pass is a single-use pass that gives you access to a special lane designated for tourists. This lane does not have any affiliation with U.S. authorities and you will still need to present the necessary documentation to U.S. border officials. The Fast Pass Lane is also known as the Medical Lane.


This lane will significantly reduce your wait time to get back into the U.S. Reports say the wait on average is 30 minutes or so. 15 minute waits or less are not unusual. Of course it depends upon the time of day and the day you travel. Sometimes the Fast Pass Lane is faster than the SENTRI. The lane is open daily from 8am to 10pm.  Sometimes, there are cones that block the Fast Pass entrance as you approach the booth. If you pull off near the cones the officers will come out of the booth to take your ticket and graciously let you through..   Only the San Ysidro border crossing has a Fast Pass Lane at this time. The cost of the FastLane pass is $10  for guests at Coyote Cals and is subject to availability.



Where is the Fast Pass Lane located?

1. After exiting the toll booth on the Scenic Toll Road

(Highway 1) at Km. 11, Playas de Tijuana, follow the signs

that lead to San Diego. You will follow the ocean then turn into the hills.

2. After coming down the hill and crossing the bridge, exit at the “San Diego” sign.

You will see many white condos ahead and on the right hillside, take a right and loop around.

3. This is “Avenida Internacional”. You will drive up a very steep hill

and then parallel the U.S. border.

4. Stay on “Avenida Internacional” for a few miles.

5. Watch for the SAN DIEGO/INTERSTATE 5 signs and continue

to follow them.

6. Exit RIGHT before the PEMEX gas station, onto

“AV. MELCHOR OCAMPO”. There will be a “San Diego” sign to mark the turn.

Travel on block to the traffic light.

7. At the light is “Calle Segunda”. Smart & Final will be on your

left, Mexitlán is across the street. Take a LEFT here onto the third lane/middle of

“Calle Segunda”, a five line one-way street going east.

8. Once on Calle Segunda, stay in the third lane from the left.

Exit in the lane between the concrete dividers and the

curb following under the “Colonia Federal” sign. This will lead you

directly to the Border Fast Pass Lane. There is a “FastLane” sign in front of the lane marking it.

9. Continue up the hill, paralleling the regular border line on the left.

10. Stay in this lane up the hill and over a bridge and then on

the first left is the booth. A small one man hut with a hinged pole gate.  Pull up towards

the booth and give the official your Fast Pass.

11. NOTE: Even if you see cones in the lane during their hours of operation, it is NOT closed.

Pull up and the officers will come out of the booth. The lane is open between 8am and10pm. If you want to make sure you cross fast.

Get there at 8am.  You can wait at Smart & Final to time it perfect!

12. Great directions with photos can be seen on the web site.

Go to



If I leave personal belongings, how can I get them back?

Personal items such as sandals, clothing, phones and identification are regularly left behind at our Mexican hostel. Many call us a few days later and ask how they can get these items back. Unfortunately it is not an easy task to do this. Mexican mail is not reliable as in other countries and many valuable items mailed end up in the homes of postal workers. In addition, our local town does not have a post office. So in order for us to return these items we must first bring them to the US, and then mail them via UPS or priority mail.


Because of the time and effort this takes, Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels charges a $30.00 handling fee plus the cost of postage. This must be paid in full before we send back the item. Payment can be sent to 339 Citrus Ave. Imperial Beach CA. 91932-1107. Make the checks payable to "Rick Barnard". Payment can be by US check or bank draft. Paypal can be used by using our email In addition, it might take as much as six weeks before Coyote Cals staff can mail the item out.


Important items such as Passports, identification or other documents you can't live or travel without will be mailed free of charge and within one week if possible, to the location you request. Call the hostel at 011-52-646-154-4080 or email us at


We can also hold the items at our Mexican hostels up to four weeks if you plan to return. In Addition, if the items left are legal to cross the border, I can leave them on my porch at 339 Citrus Ave, Imperial Beach, Ca. 91932 for pick-up. Leave me an email or phone number and I’ll call when I go to the US. The reality is that most people just forget about it. In cases such items are donated to poor families in the area, so there is a silver lining no matter what happens. So make sure you take a little extra time before you leave our Mexican hostel and make sure you have everything you came with!



How do I book a reservation at Coyote Cals?

During the months of January through March Reservations at Coyote Cal's Mexican Hostels are not required but recommended. You still need to fill out your reservation information on this web site. This is very importance if you are part of a small group and not sending a deposit. You can do this by clicking on the bookings navigation key at the top of the page or by clicking here: Reserve Now!

( Call or email us to waive the non-refundable deposit if you are planning to come in less than one week.)

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How can I book a private room or the Crow's Nest?

At this time you can request your preference to reserve any specific private room at Coyote Cals hostel. We have four.  The Crows Nest, the Pelican, Room 2 and the Humming bird.  (See our photo gallery of the rooms), your booking will assure you of a bed, and a priority for that room, however, rooms may be re-assigned upon arrival, but not very likely. Single rooms, couples have priority. Single Rooms can have only two per room.


All our single rooms, including our best room, the Crows Nest with its 360 view of ocean and mountains, can be reserved! The rate is $55.00 per day. Payment must be in advance and in full for the whole time of your reservation.

To confirm your stay in the Crows Nest with Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels full payment is needed. You can Pay by Visa or MasterCard on line via Paypal by submitting your booking form. Your booking confirmation email will have the information you need to use your credit card or you can mail your payment by personal check in U. S. funds or travelers check, in any currency, *four weeks in advance made payable to:

Rick Barnard,

339 Citrus Ave., Imperial Beach CA.

91932-1107, USA.


In addition, you will also need to fill out your reservation information on this web site. You can do this by clicking on the bookings navigation key above or by clicking here: Reserve Now!

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