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“Thanks for the awesome time! The beach, the volcano, the artichokes, the day in Ensenada, the great food, the BBQ by the shore, and the best of times. Your Mexican Hostel puts on a class act. Best wishes!”  
- Doug Davis, Lake Tahoe CA 

“Thank you for your hospitality, friendship and knowledge you shared with us during our stay. Rick’s you’re a first class Baja Buddy. What a great place to see the “real” Baja. Surf your life away in paradise.”
- Ben Frangs, Brisbane AZ

“What a great surprise! After a long day on the motorcycles your place is a well-placed oasis. You have one of the most unique places in all of Baja California... and I’ve seen most of them.
- Bruce Galven, LA City Fire Dept.

“Thanks for a great week and a half. What a beautiful place and a very chilled vibe here at Coyote Cal’s Mexico Hostels. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship.”
- Chris, Australia

"Have had the most amazingly relaxed time here. Can’t think of a time when I’ve felt more at home and dead happy. Thanks for everything.”
- Love, Victoria, England

“Lovely, lovely, #*@%ing, lovely. Cheers Rick for a perfect stay. The days were productive, the nights an absolute blast. Your guest-book comments show what a brilliant place you have here. I’ve not seen such a friendly, helpful attitude in 2 ˝ years of traveling. Word of mouth will make this place grow rapidly. We will recommend this place 100% to anyone traveling to Baja California. Take care. You have the perfect ideas and attitude to make this place #1”
- Pat Blade, Australia. 

“This is the way coolest Mexican hostel I’ve stayed in America and Mexico. Everyone should chill here cause it’s a holiday from your holiday. Cheers “
- Andy, UK 

“To fellow wanderers:  One of the best places I’ve stayed in. Leave it as you found it.  Happy travels.”
- Michelle, UK 

“To Rick, “Chill out King of Baja” What a great Mexican hostel-the best I’ve ever stayed in. Mussel collecting at low tide was a real experience. Mussels for lunch, Baja surfing in the afternoon, beers and a campfire. Kick ass tunes. What more can you ask for in life?  I’ll be back. Hasta la vista baby!”
- Lizzie, England

“Ok, just one more night ... or maybe one more night. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave” Thanks for a wild time.”
- Char and Anne, Spain 

“I’m traveling from Alaska to Argentina. I have many stays along the way, but this was the best. It’s a beautiful place, a very friendly host a stress free stay. A place to stay for a long time. I’ll come back with my girlfriend and stay in the Crows Nest suite. Wonderful!”
- Uwe, Germany

"This is definitely the best Mexico Hostel to get your first taste of Mexico. The perfect setting, the perfect company and of course, the perfect host. Thanks for making this the most relaxing few days in a long time. Take good care of Cinco."
- Fiona Harrington, Ireland 

“Thank you mate, I had an incredible time at your Maxican hostels (The Best). No hostel stands a chance compared to yours, see you soon, very soon. Good luck for the rest.”
- Florian Emmanuel, OB Hostel San Diego

“To everyone who stays here, If you want to relax, then relax. If you want to kick back, go on kick back. If you want to party ... well!!!”
- Paul, South Africa

“To whoever reads this. Come here for a day, you’ll stay two. Come here for two days, you’ll stay three. This place is excellent, better than most places could even hope to be. Take care.”
- Chris Larkin

“To the greatest host. It’s been a tonic staying here. I needed to escape the hectic schedule of managing the USA, Grand Pacific Hostel in San Diego and found myself here at Coyote Cal’s Mexico Hostels. Great place, sure to become a legend. Anyone leaving my San Diego Hostels and looking for a place to chill in Mexico, I’ll be sure to send them here. This place may become as famous as the Pink Palace in Europe. Great place.”
- Annie, Scotland  

“One of the coolest spots on earth with the people to match. It’s one of the best unexpected surprises ever. Look out for this one and enjoy it now. I wish there was one of these in every country.”
- D, LA 

“This is the ultimate Mexican hostel, a really cool view in the Crows Nest suite (I’ll test it out sometime...) and a #*@%in’ good party. The waves are good to surf (ok, we can’t call that Baja surfing cause this was my first time on a board). So have a great time and rock the house! Cheers."
- Norbert, Germany

“So I dug the starry view and Ping-Pong action. Thanks for the lesson in snickers bar etiquette and crab making along with the tequila shots hearts blast, See you. PS. Thanks for ToKillya shots!!! Five days of drinking, and how the hell am I going to get home. Q-Bert.”
- Mandy and Cheryl 

“Hey it’s all here! Going South, going North you gotta’ stop here. Great energizer for the end or beginning of any journey. Can’t get better than this! Thanks Rick.”
- John Asher, Owner, O.B. Hostel
San Diego, California 

“After 10 years on the road this is one of the best!”     
- Yuval Hen and Iftach Kol, Israel
...On the long road to Argentina on 2 Dr-650’s


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