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Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is
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Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is a budget resort established to service the accommodation and entertainment of fisherman, off road enthusiasts, backpackers and their families. The resort will promote extreme fun in the spirit of "Old Baja Adventure." Its guests will be treated with the highest level of service and friendship. Each person will be encourage to participate in the community of the resort.


Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels is an alliance company committed to truth, honesty, fairness and in creating mutually beneficial relationships that recognize the difference of others while having fun. It values the importance of communication, personal service, professionalism and recognizes the efforts of others.


Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostels management and employees accept their responsibility to the environment, community and to others. The company will measure its success by the joy and love that it inspires in others.

Coyote Cal's
Whale Greeter
Ocean View
Ocean View from Coyote Cal's
front door
Sunset from the Kitchen Patio
where you can BBQ

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